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Damned Despair: POSO on Youtube

Just when you thought the news about wars are so overrated, I bet you'd have second thoughts after watching POSO on Youtube. Sorry, I can't get the link, so I'll have to give bits and pieces of the video contents. But you could always just view it on the site (tag:POSO), of course...

This POSO was composed of different videos full of suffering, anger, pain, sadness and all those nasty feeling you'd rather not feel. It showed victims of wars, those who hadn't had any luck at trying to survive a man-made catastrophe such as the wars in the MIddle East. It was just so disheartening to see dead people who were beheaded, their bodies fragmented; children, those innocent creatures, who looked like they were tortured to death, with all those avulsions--their internal organs already visible as their skin and muscles were cut open; heads, and I mean human heads, hung and waved furiously, wih a cigarette forcibly stuck on the dead's nose...It was all just so, so sad. Gross to read, yes, but seeing it made mo more down than disgusted.   

After watching it, I had like a cacophony of emotions coursing through me. I so mean that. It was more of remorse first, to those who had the guts to kill for nothing. What were they looking for, hell? Heck, if they insist that they want justice, they wouldn't get it through wasting their time killing. Religion definitely has nothing to do with what they claim to be fighting for. I'd have to say that Allah does not want His people to be murderers, when we could all fight for our faith in a peaceful way. JIhad, or the Holy War, is clearly misunderstood by many; it does not mean a fight of guns and swords--it means to defend Islam from the scoffers by spreading the mighty Words of God to the world. And if they don't listen, then so be it; it is their loss.

And then I couldn't help but sense despair for those who were left unintentionally by the victims. Would those siblings who lost their parents live when no one is left to look after them? Will that wife still be able to think properly now that her husband's body lay lifeless in front of her, cruelly deformed? How will that mother still fulfill her hopeful dreams for her son, now bereft of heartbeat and breath? When would these questions be answered?...Sigh. Here's to hoping that these people left behind by their loved ones would be able to surpass this turbulent times; that they may be able to hold on to their faith when everything seems to get them away from believing.

First time I saw this video, I felt so crestfallen I could just stare blankly like a schizophrenic. It was like, gods! I didn't know how to describe the feeling within. I haven't really paid that much attention to the outcomes of the wars before; i was like, okay, many people died, so what? I'll offer a prayer, if I remember, and then forget just comes after that. Nothing more.

NOw I feel so bad I've ever had that attitude.

I had no idea it was that tragic. So tragic that it possessed me to write just about all these here, and hopefully relieve my bothered self. And maybe tap another person to support peace instead of violence; to bow down and say a silent prayer or two to the victims; to reach out to other people and offer love.

Any way you want it.

Just be.



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