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 Yeah,that is how most of the people view our 2008 Bb. Pilipinas World winner-- 17-year-old Janina San Miguel. Watch her video here.

So,want to comment?

Well, to tell honestly, heads had definitely hurt while watching her stutter and tumble with her words. So what if it is just your PIRST pageant? Does that count as a valid reason for you not to answer properly such a simple question? Guess a ten-year-old there's laughing while watching her vid. Poor thing could come out breathless after bursting out in hysterical laughter. TSk,tsk.

Does this incident signify that the beauty is now more important than brains? Imagine, Janina would be sent to an INTERNATIONAL competiton,where ladies would be using english as their medium of communication; how would you expect our candidate to freely express herself when she finds it hard to use the universal language? It was really such a shock when the results were laid down, making her land on one of the taf-oh i mean top 3 slots that are supposed to be given to those who deserve it. I do not mean to degrade JAnina, but come on--let us accept reality. She doesn't exactly have the best answer during the pageant. How come she was crowned?

 Maybe it's because she garnered two of the major awards, as said by Paolo Bediones. But let us ask ourselves--is this the way to pick a candidate? By body or physicality, and never mind the intellectual asset? I mean,gosh, wake up people! There could have been more ladies there who'd have answered that question better than janina did. Where had dileberation gone? Okay, then that means there is no need to think before you leap--after all, that quote is so overrated, right? Right? So not!

Sure, she really had beauty, and such a nice bod that makes men drool, but hey. It's so stupid how we value only the visual aesthetics when there's so much more than that.

However, the blame could not be put entirely on Janina San Miguel, because she had just answered the question--she blew it of course, but she wasn't part of the judging right? SHe was laughed at, and we wouldn't exactly grab the feeling of being humiliated as she had been in the pageant. We could only imagine how she had to muster the confidence to stand until the end of the interview. If it were another person, she would have ran and never came back to face hundreds of bickering individuals waiting for an honest answer.

And maybe we're expecting too much. We are all idealistic, deny it or not. We expect beauty queens to be perfect-though we know there isn't one living mortal who's all that. What if it were us then? Would we have done the same? Stutter and laugh akwardly until tears would nearly escape our eyes? 

Oh well. We couldn't do anything about that now. Janina only has three months to practice and make her English better, if not perfect. Or she could always have an interpreter.

But that would be too akward. A Filipino contestant, needing an interpreter? That would be another pirst-eh, first.


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